Pedaleze is a brand promoted by DAIJO Private Limited, PEDALEZE is a PEDALEC that is revolutionising the bicycle industry through its technologically-driven innovations. The bicycle is ergonomically designed, powered by an ultra-responsive mid-drive motor and Integrated with intelligence to optimise the motor performance and enhance the battery range. PEDALEZE makes cycling accessible and enjoyable for all age groups. Together, let’s revive the joy of cycling.

Electric Assist Drive.

Cardio Sense System.

Vehicle Telematics.


Powerful Pedal Assist

Maximum output with minimum input
Pedaleze has an ultra-responsive pedal assist technology which helps you to pedal with optimal stress while riding on any terrains. In the connected version, the smart technology automates the power assist levels based on terrain and weight thereby eliminating the need for you to adjust manually.


  • Ultra-responsive, pedal assist mid-drive motor
  • 4 assist levels; additional 2 smart modes and 1 heart mode in the connected version
  • Powered by lithium ion battery (2 choices)
  • 7 speed gears with Shimano derailleurs
  • Torque and cadence sensors

Design & Aesthetics

Power, efficiency, comfort, technology - all put together in an eye-catching design
Pedaleze bicycles are made with hydroformed, aerospace aluminium alloy tubes. These lightweight frames are not only ergonomically advantageous but also add to the style quotient of the bicycle. Alloy wheels make for better aesthetics and are also maintenance free. Our bicycles come in classy and exquisitely designed decal.


  • Hydroformed Aerospace Aluminium alloy frame
  • Sophisticated colours
  • Alloy wheels
  • LCD display

Daijo – Who we are?

DAIJO Private Limited Company is a niche start-up, that envisions to design and develop products in the health and mobility space. Our products stand out with a combination of innovation, sound technology and superior design. Our prime focus is to design products with enhanced usability that enable easy living. A significant spend of Daijo is towards research and development to bring new products aligning with our vision. To start with, Daijo has come out with Pedaleze, India’s first mid-drive adaptive power drive e-bicycle with connected intelligence. At the helm of DAIJO, we have a multi-faceted expert team with decades of collective experience, ably steering the company.




Shivashankar is an engineer, a passionate creator and an avid cyclist. With over 25 years of
experience as a metallurgist and material science engineer, his expertise in the areas of innovation,
design & development, setting up and standardizing production is the very foundation that DAIJO was built on.


Senthil Nallasamy

Director / CTO

Senthil is an engineer, a business strategist and an entrepreneur. The founder partner of 4 successful business ventures and a business consultant who has helped various firms to streamline their processes, systems and improved their overall effectiveness, he is now the chief strategist at DAIJO.


Jayaraman Jayakumar


Jayakumar is an engineer, a designer and a finance expert. With his combined experience in the field of engineering design, special equipment development and manufacturing engineering and as the founder of an independent financial advisory firm, he is a pillar of strength to DAIJO.


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