Welcome, to our Ezer club, we at Daijo Pvt. Ltd. – the promoters of the product Pedaleze value the trust placed on us by you and try with our best efforts to provide an Eze in every aspect of the Pedaleze experience.


Daijo Pvt. Ltd will endeavour to deliver the Product within a maximum of Sixty (60) days of order acceptance except those orders which are placed during special sale which shall be delivered within a maximum of ninety (90) days. If multiple Products are ordered, Daijo Pvt. Ltd reserves the right to deliveror activate each Product separately.

Products will be delivered to a nearest experience centre for collection unless specifically agreed by Daijo Pvt. Ltd., to deliver to any other location apart from the experience center. The risk of loss or damage to the Products will pass to you at the moment the Products is delivered at the collection centre or at the Daijo Pvt. Ltd warehouse.

If you refuse or neglect to take delivery of the Product, Daijo Pvt. Ltd reserves the right to charge you up to the full order value.

If delivery to you should fail or delayed for any reason outside of Daijo Pvt. Ltd’s control, Daijo Pvt. Ltd reserves the right to cancel the purchase agreement and refund any money paid.

If Daijo Pvt. Ltd delivers a Product or an amount of a Product that you did not order or activates a Product on your device by mistake, you shall immediately inform Daijo Pvt. Ltd of its mistake by email via info@pedaleze.com and you shall, at Daijo Pvt. Ltd’s request, immediately arrange for the return of the Product (the costs of which shall be met by Daijo Pvt. Ltd), de-install or destruct the Product. Acceptance of a non-ordered Product or amount of a Product does not relieve you from acceptance and payment of the Product you initially ordered, unless otherwise agreed with Daijo Pvt. Ltd.


Daijo Pvt. Ltd. assures you to provide a replacement In cases of any manufacturing defect or damage in respect of parts covered under the warranty if a claim is made within 30 days. All requests for replacement or repairs are subject to inspection by Daijo Pvt. Ltd of the returned item and replacement shall be made as per the term and conditions of the warranty policy. Any replacement claims of the product shall be immediately informed to Daijo Pvt. Ltd by a mail addressed to info@pedaleze.com. Under no other circumstances shall “Daijo Pvt. Ltd.”provide refund to the customer / exchange for any other product of Pedaleze.

The terms and conditions set out in this agreement can be subject to change without any notice

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