First pedal assisted hybrid bicycle with Connected Intelligence

Analog version

4 modes

Eco | Tour | Speed | Turbo

Connected version

3 modes

4 Manual | 2 Smart | 1 Heart mode

Aesthetically designed with safe ergonomics, powered by a mid-motor drive and portable battery, our futuristic electric-assist bicycle is built for challenging Indian roads. Our smart bicycle makes cycling accessible for everyone who loves cycling for health, leisure or commute.

Our bicycles are here to elevate your riding experience. Engage the pedal-assist when you want to switch over from manual pedaling. Choose from 4 assist modes according to the terrain and your comfort. The connected version of Pedaleze, takes the transitioning to assist mode a step further. It chooses the assist level based on your stress levels.

The torque based power adaptive drive in our bicycles, makes for smooth riding even on roads in poor conditions.

Bold. Powerful. Intelligent. Uber-comfortable. Our bicycles will change the way you ride.

Champion your health

Take charge of your health. With our increasingly sedentary lives, lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, obesity, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes are on the rise. Your favourite childhood activity is known to alleviate these diseases and improve mental health. Reclaim cycling, reclaim your health!

Redefine your commute

Think Indian roads, think traffic congestion. On average, in bustling Indian cities, people spend 1.5 hours more on their commutes than their counterparts in other Asian countries. With the rapid increase in the vehicles on the road, this situation is not getting better, unless we act. Make a smart commute choice, cycle to work; rule the roads!

Be an eco-warrior

In a day and age where we wake up to the painful effects of climate change, it is high time we switch to more sustainable, planet-friendly choices. Out of 200 million office goers in India, about 30 million people commute within 5km to work. Even if a small percentage of them switch to cycling for commuting, it will make such a huge difference to the environment. Let your cycle treads replace your carbon footprint!

Reconnect & restore adventure

Cycling is a great way to connect with people. In a rapidly changing world, where people constantly seek various social groups to be a part of, cycling groups can be extremely beneficial for physical, mental and social well-being. Break-free from inhibitions, embrace the joy of cycling!

Get ADDICTED... one pedal at a time...


Connected Intelligence

Technology meets cycling, to bring about a revolution
Pedaleze has a very unique intelligence that monitors your stress levels continuously and automatically adjusts the assistive force of the motor to maintain stress levels at a minimum. Based on the rider characteristics, the smart mode optimises the battery efficiency.


  • Smart mode that adjusts assistive force
  • Cardio sense
  • Generates vehicle and rider telematics

Pedaleze App

Intuitive, Industrious and Innovative
Pedaleze App is the interface between you and the bicycle, constantly generating data that will help you optimise the ride upto your satisfaction. The app’s simple yet functional user interface makes it easy to use.


  • Live data tracking
  • User authentication
  • Emergency SOS
  • Service notifications & tutorials
  • Vehicle telematics
  • Rider telematics - calories burnt, heart profile, carbon footprint, fuel saved etc

**“Feature Available on the fully connected version only”


Powerful Pedal Assist

Maximum output with minimum input
Pedaleze has an ultra-responsive pedal assist technology which helps you to pedal with optimal stress while riding on uneven terrains. In the connected version, the smart technology automates the power assist levels based on terrain and weight thereby eliminating the need for you to adjust manually.


  • Ultra-responsive, pedal assist mid-drive motor
  • 4 assist levels; additional 2 smart modes and 1 heart mode in the connected version
  • Powered by lithium ion battery (2 choices)
  • 7 speed gears with Shimano derailleurs
  • Torque and cadence sensors

Superior Ergonomics

Rider comfort taken to the next level
The concept of Pedaleze has been conceived and constructed by a team of cycle enthusiasts who understand the need for proper riding posture. Intense research has gone into designing frames, grips, pedals and seats to make cycling comfortable for all age groups.


  • Riser type velo grips reduce pressure on hands
  • Suspension integrated seat posts to reduce impact on the spine
  • Memory foam seat for added comfort
  • Hydraulic adjustable front shocks reduce impact on arms and elbows
  • Anti-skid aluminium pedals

Design & Aesthetics

Power, efficiency, comfort, technology - all put together in an eye-catching design
Pedaleze bicycles are made with hydroformed, aerospace aluminium alloy tubes. These lightweight frames are not only ergonomically advantageous but also add to the style quotient of the bicycle. Alloy wheels make for better aesthetics and are also maintenance free. Our bicycles come in classy and exquisitely designed decal.


  • Hydroformed Aerospace Aluminium alloy frame
  • Sophisticated colours
  • Alloy wheels
  • LCD display


Your safety, our priority
Our standard bicycles are incorporated with locks that have sensors to sense the theft of the bicycles and are capable of raising an alarm when moved in the locked condition. We have built our bicycles to meet high standards of safety. Motor safety is ensured through timely alerts. Features like powerful head and taillights, sturdy frames, front and rear mechanical disk brakes have been incorporated for added safety.


  • Front and rear mechanical disk brakes for added safety
  • Auto power cut-off integrated brakes
  • Anti-theft alarms
  • Powerful head and taillights
  • Reflectors on pedals

Our Bikes


Ride more
Save more

Your cost of ownership* of Pedaleze will be INR 1.38/ Km (includes battery change every 2 years and maintenance as compared to INR 5.86/Km for a petrol bike

Bring down your cost of travel* to 5 paise / Km by switching over to Pedaleze rather than spend INR 1.87 /KM for a petrol bike.

*assumption is for a distance of 25Km/day

+ Health benefits



Meant for Serious Cycling

For a cyclist who is used to seeing cycles in a certain manner , hearing about #Pedaleze had a mixed opinion , until I really saw the bike.

The whole thought process of an e-bike can trigger any cyclist to feel , its not appropriate or meant for serious cycling, but my myth was busted when I physically tested the #Pedaleze C2.

Ms. Kirupa

HR professional, Bangalore

Serving my purpose well

It’s a wonderful machine, serving my purpose well. I did 35 minutes of cycling in the morning, didn’t
experience fatigue or pain.


Financial planner

Balancing the need

I live a few miles away from office and happily commute to work every day. Balancing the need to
keep fit and doing my bit to the environment.

Dr. Gayathri


Pedaleze is very addictive

With my busy schedule, I always forget to exercise. Pedaleze is very addictive as I burn out calories
with ease and I feel energetic throughout the day.



Loved to stay fit

I have always loved to stay fit but hate indoor gyms. Now I am exploring Chennai every morning as I
ride 30km a day with smiles.


IT professional