India's first electric bicycle with Connected Intelligence

Bold. Powerful. Intelligent. Uber-comfortable.
Built for challenging Indian roads, our futuristic electric-assist bicycles are here to elevate your riding experience.

Champion your health

Take charge of your health. With our increasingly sedentary lives, lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, obesity, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes are on the rise. Your favourite childhood activity is known to alleviate these diseases and improve mental health. Reclaim cycling, reclaim your health!

Redefine your commute

Think Indian roads, think traffic congestion. On an average, in bustling Indian cities, people spend 1.5 hours more on their commutes than their counterparts in other Asian countries. With the rapid increase in the vehicles on the road, this situation is not getting better, unless we act. Make a smart commute choice, cycle to work; rule the roads!

Be an eco-warrior

In a day and age where we wake up to the painful effects of climate change, it is high time we switch to more sustainable, planet-friendly choices. Out of 200 million office goers in India, about 30 million people commute within 5km to work. Even if a small percentage of them switch to cycling for commute, it will make such a huge difference to the environment. Let your cycle treads replace your carbon footprint!

Reconnect & restore adventure

Cycling is a great way to connect with people. In a rapidly changing world, where people constantly seek various social groups to be a part of, cycling groups can be extremely beneficial for physical, mental and social well-being. Break-free from inhibitions, embrace the joy of cycling!

Your roads are everywhere, so ride forth;
Go change what you can, one pedal at a time!


Connected Intelligence

Technology meets cycling, to bring about a revolution


01. The intelligent system in our bicycles generates vehicle and rider telematics through the innovative Pedaleze app.

02. Based on the rider characteristics, the smart mode optimises the battery efficiency.

03. Our technology monitors stress levels of the rider continuously and automatically adjusts the assistive force of the motor to maintain stress levels at a minimum.

04.The connected mobile app comes with many brilliant features that truly elevates your riding experience.


Superior Ergonomics

Rider comfort taken to the next level


01. Our handlebars are equipped with riser type velo grips that reduce pressure on hands.

02. Our saddles are supported with suspension integrated seat posts that add more comfort to the rider.

03. The pre-load adjustable front suspension provides for adjustable shock absorbers according to different terrains.

04. Front and Rear mechanical disc brakes provide additional safety due to reduced stopping distance.


Design & Aesthetics

Power, efficiency, comfort, technology - all put together in an eye-catching design


01. Pedaleze bicycles are made with aerospace hydroformed aluminium frames. Frames are not only ergonomically advantageous but also add to the style quotient of the bicycle.

02. Alloy wheels make for better aesthetics and are also maintenance free.



Your safety, our priority


01. Our bicycles are equipped with sensors to sense theft and can raise alarm when moved without authentication.

02. We have added rope locks with integrated alarms.

03. Our intelligent system allows the battery and motor to work only with Pedaleze bicycles.

04. User authentication, GPS navigation and live data tracking made available through the Pedaleze App.


Powerful Pedal Assist

Maximum output with minimum effort


01. An ultra-responsive, power assist mid-drive motor powered by a lithium ion battery provides a powerful and comfortable ride.

02. The torque and cadence sensors provide for a smooth and powerful assist.

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